Sunday, July 24, 2005

Last Letter

Don't hate me
like I'm your enemy.
Jus open your eyes and see
I jus wanna b me.
I don't wanna see ya get hurt
but I seen da blood stains on your shirt.
i jus came 2 have sum fun
but im always on da run.
see i aint gun be ur baby's mother
cause i cant even b ur luver
I'm sry if im makin ya cry
but iv fallen 4 another guy
cause we jus aint ment 2 be
an he really cares about me
don't git me wrong i care bout u 2
he jus loves me better den u do.
I mean he can love me all nite long
but he's cool jus listenin 2 our song
I hate 2 say dis cause its mean
but when ur gone he's all iv seen
he makes ya look like a horrible boy friend
an dats y im sayin dis is da end
and he's like the perfect guy
an dats y dis is my good bye
so u kno ill neva 4get ya
still i think i kinda regret ya
cause all dis time when we bin kissin
i neva knew what i was missin
so now i guess that ur my ex
cause all you really wanted was sex
but kno im happier with out you
cause my new baby is beta den u.



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