Sunday, July 24, 2005

Last Letter

Don't hate me
like I'm your enemy.
Jus open your eyes and see
I jus wanna b me.
I don't wanna see ya get hurt
but I seen da blood stains on your shirt.
i jus came 2 have sum fun
but im always on da run.
see i aint gun be ur baby's mother
cause i cant even b ur luver
I'm sry if im makin ya cry
but iv fallen 4 another guy
cause we jus aint ment 2 be
an he really cares about me
don't git me wrong i care bout u 2
he jus loves me better den u do.
I mean he can love me all nite long
but he's cool jus listenin 2 our song
I hate 2 say dis cause its mean
but when ur gone he's all iv seen
he makes ya look like a horrible boy friend
an dats y im sayin dis is da end
and he's like the perfect guy
an dats y dis is my good bye
so u kno ill neva 4get ya
still i think i kinda regret ya
cause all dis time when we bin kissin
i neva knew what i was missin
so now i guess that ur my ex
cause all you really wanted was sex
but kno im happier with out you
cause my new baby is beta den u.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Vacation #2

ok dis vacation was awsome! i had a lot of fun an got really nice tan. but i got burnt bad 2. i had a lot of fun an did a whole lot of shopin lol. yay. i took pics of our condo, a lot of em lol. yeah not much mor 2 say

Monday, July 11, 2005

The Key Keeper by: DanielleL

You hold the key to my heart...You're the only one that owns it and I trust u not to break it...Where ever we might end up you'll always have my heart and the key to open it...Hold this tight in your hand and never let go.


im leaving again tomorrow for another vacation. This time were going to our condo in fort Myers, FL. This vacation should be better than the last. I cant wait. The only bad thing is I have to wake up at 3:30 am lol. That should be fun. I'm going to miss everyone just one more week and I'm back for a while.

Americans Are Pigs

ok the other day I was watching TV and thinking about why some people in other countries think Americans are pigs. Just then I commercial came on and in it was basically a bunch of middle aged guys and all they were doing was drinking and burping. lol I am guessing that's one of the reasons but for the record, MEN ARE PIGS, not the women.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Stuff from round da web

MissaD Highway
Bewilderment Avenue8
Tower of Commitment50
Fame City122
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Title: i dont have one...its some random thing i thought up ( written my Danielle L)

my love for u is so passonate. i love u so very much. weneva i see u .you take my breaht away from juss one kiss. ur eyes shimmer like the stars in the sky i love u so much i would die fro u

"THE LOST ONE" (I wrote this one)

Wake up on a Sunday morning. Walk down the street to a deli on the corner. Look over at the newsstand and notice on the front page is your best friends picture. You buy the paper and turn to page seven. The headline reads 'Local girl latest victim of suicide'.

Run home call her house. Her mom picks up cryin. All she asks is "Do you have any idea what pushed her to this?" You tell her you don't know as you write down the details of her funeral. When you hang up tears run down you face. You sit down and wonder what it was that did pushed her that far?

You begin to remember, about a week ago you could tell something just wasn't right with her. When you said something she said "I'll be fine don't worry." You replied with "I love you, your like a sister to me and I don't know what id do without you." Then you told her to call if she needed anything and that if she did she could call at any time of day or night. She responded simply with a "thanks" and "I love you to."

As you sit down at your desk you begin to wonder 'Why didn't she say anything or call me?' Just then you realize the one person who cares enough to stop you from killing yourself is gone and did what you promised her you wouldn't.

You look over at you answering machine and there's a massage waiting for you. You listen to it and it's her and she's cryin. She says "Hey its me, guess you aint home or I don't know maybe your like the rest of them and don't give a damn bout me." and finally says "guess I got no one now." before saying " I love you sis ." Then hanging up.

You lie down on your bed, grab the pistol from under the pillow. Now its loaded and cocked, you bring it up to your head. Your finger is on the trigger. You look out the window at the sky and say "don't worry sis I'm coming and its all going to be ok."

You put the gun down on the bed and decide you will go to her funeral before you do it. So you'll wait for just one more day.

Next day you go to her funeral, last time you'll ever see her in this world. When you go up to her casket you kiss her forehead and whisper "Why?" then mumble "don't worry I'll see you in heaven later."

You get home and check your e-mail for one last time. You see that you have an email from her sent on the day she killed herself. It says that she doesn't want you to do what she did. She says she loves you and is really sorry but she shouldn't take life any more. At the end it says "Remember you promised you would never do it."

So now you cry yourself to sleep every night cause you miss her every night. And probably will always miss her and regret making that promise to her. Yet now you will never break that promise to the one person that ever cared and the one person you respected enough to listen to. You know you will always miss your best friend "THE LOST ONE".


Not Good Enough (Written by Arielle on Oct. 20, 2003)

I feel like I'm not good enough for anyone. Like no one wants me in their life. I'm an outsider, but not. I feel like no one likes me, but I have many friends. I always wonder what people really think of me. Am I just a joke, is it all a game? And in the end, when I am gone I still think I'm not good enough for anyone.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Graduation was so awsome. Im super proud of all my friends, you guys are great. Cant wait to see ya next yeah in high school. An all of you betta talk 2 me dis summer cause we so gotta hang. ok if ne of yall wanna see my graduation pics wit friends an stuff let me kno an ill email em 2 u( u havnt quiet worked out da kinks in postin pics yet lol)